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House Of Handmade Fabrics

Seeking only the finest handcraft, we manufacture a wide variety of garment fabrics, premium quality fabrics,  garments, borders and accessories that are designed by top-most fashion designers from Paris

Craftmanship And Luxury At It's Best

Kajal prides itself in being a leading manufacturer and a one-stop source for high-classborders, fabrics and garments. We aim to achieve striking elegance by honouring classic designs but also reflecting contemporary trends. Our extensive line of the latest and most exclusive fabrics are handpicked and are sure to evoke a spirit of opulence.


Equipped with a range of experience in manufacturing Middle Eastern and Arabian designs, all of our intriguing collections can be customized as per your requirements. Inspiring elegance, we deliver fabrics and garments both within India and abroad. Quality craftsmanship paired with creativity is the key to our success.


Garment Accessories

Standard Handmade Accessories

Manufactured from 100% cotton, viscos and Japan metallic wires to make it  stronger

Premium Handmade Accessories

Manufactured from 100% natural raw material like bamboo, raffia and coconut processed yarn

Luxury Handmade Accessories

Manufactured from expensive raw material which is imported from Taiwan, Italy, Korea and Africa

What we do

Handmade Fabrics
Made With Love

At Kajal, our team is committed to delivering exceptional work, and we strive for excellence in all the work we do. Our years of experience and eye for detail has made us reliable to many. We strive to be trusted and inspirational, to provide you with a flawless customer experience, through our passion, creativity and continuous innovation.



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